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Robustness Of The Tables

Some people who see a table hockey game think that it looks a little fragile and would be unable to stand up to some battering but they are wrong. These tables are built to last for a long time. They are hand welded by a quality company, Stiga. However daily matches and practise can take its toll on the table so take a look at my tips page to keep your table in great shape.

My Yahoo Club - Table Ice Hockey UK

This is club that my mate and I founded because we couldn't find any clubs or websites about table hockey in the UK. On our club you can post messages on our message board, check out photos of the game in action and teams, enjoy live chats and there are some links to some other great websites. Some of that information is available on this website as well. To join the club you will need a yahoo ID and you can get that at To go straight to the club go to and click join club and top right of screen.

Playing Position

You can play table hockey at any height but it is recommended you play it at chest height to reduce strain on your back. Also at chest height you have a great view of the table. You should stand back as far as the rods come out. To start of with this may a little uncomfortable but after time you will get use to it.

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Contacting Me

Feel free to e-mail me @ about anything to do with my site or the world of table hockey.

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